Perfect Summer BBQ Parties

Ah, summer. The weather is warm (or hot, depending where you live) and thoughts turn to outside. People want to gather outside and soak up as much sun as they can before it turns cold again, and what better way to do that than with a party?

Getting a group together for a party can mean hanging with your family and friends or with the people you work with, in some cases it can be a combination of all three, so you want to be sure you get enough food to feed the masses.

Barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers is a great idea if someone wants to be chained to the grill preparing them, but if not, you can rent a hot dog machine that will cook multiple dogs at a time. All you need to do is full the machine and the rest is done for you. When people are hungry they simply help themselves.

Another great food machine that you can rent for a party is a nacho machine so your guests have all the nachos they want, whenever they want. Same with popcorn, you won’t want to be sitting around popping fresh popcorn throughout the party, but with a popcorn cart you can have it at the ready all party long.

Kids and adults alike love ice cream but keeping it cold outside on a hot day can be quite a feat. Never fear, as you can actually rent an insulated, cold ice cream machine or cart that will allow your guests to help themselves while you keep yourself and the ice cream cool.

Cotton Candy is another great summertime treat, and it’s surprisingly easy to make, if you have the right equipment. For your next party you can rent a machine and make cotton candy to your heart’s content. This is also a great idea if you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party or team party for younger kids. It’s fun to get them to make their own cones and who doesn’t enjoy this sugary, sticky treat?

Now you have the food down, it’s a matter of the drinks. Large plastic totes filled with ice (or large buckets if you have them) make great places to keep drinks cold while offering your guests several places to find a drink throughout the party location. Don’t forget a cooler of water and/or juices for those who don’t want to drink alcohol and you’ve got all your bases covered!

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