Perfect Summer BBQ Parties

Ah, summer. The weather is warm (or hot, depending where you live) and thoughts turn to outside. People want to gather outside and soak up as much sun as they can before it turns cold again, and what better way to do that than with a party?

Getting a group together for a party can mean hanging with your family and friends or with the people you work with, in some cases it can be a combination of all three, so you want to be sure you get enough food to feed the masses.

Barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers is a great idea if someone wants to be chained to the grill preparing them, but if not, you can rent a hot dog machine that will cook multiple dogs at a time. All you need to do is full the machine and the rest is done for you. When people are hungry they simply help themselves.

Another great food machine that you can rent for a party is a nacho machine so your guests have all the nachos they want, whenever they want. Same with popcorn, you won’t want to be sitting around popping fresh popcorn throughout the party, but with a popcorn cart you can have it at the ready all party long.

Kids and adults alike love ice cream but keeping it cold outside on a hot day can be quite a feat. Never fear, as you can actually rent an insulated, cold ice cream machine or cart that will allow your guests to help themselves while you keep yourself and the ice cream cool.

Cotton Candy is another great summertime treat, and it’s surprisingly easy to make, if you have the right equipment. For your next party you can rent a machine and make cotton candy to your heart’s content. This is also a great idea if you’re hosting a kid’s birthday party or team party for younger kids. It’s fun to get them to make their own cones and who doesn’t enjoy this sugary, sticky treat?

Now you have the food down, it’s a matter of the drinks. Large plastic totes filled with ice (or large buckets if you have them) make great places to keep drinks cold while offering your guests several places to find a drink throughout the party location. Don’t forget a cooler of water and/or juices for those who don’t want to drink alcohol and you’ve got all your bases covered!

How to throw the perfect summer party

At least, for any young person out there, summer is about having fun and enjoying yourself. We both know that parties are a great way of having fun, but it’s important that your party runs successfully. Who doesn’t want their party to be EPIC? Whether you’re planning to have a family fun day or some networking event with friends, the following tips will help you organize the perfect summer party.

Stick with a Theme

Well, the last thing you should worry about is matching everything from the drinkware, flatware to the serving-ware. Of course, you must ensure everything on the ground looks cohesive and a more consistent tone is set. Part of your goal should be to project an organized impression to those coming to your party.

Food and Drinks

Regardless of the number of people, you’re supposed to feed during the party, make sure your menu features foods and drinks your guests will remember. Consider serving light and easy-to-eat food options. If you want to provide a more relaxed feel, it’s recommended to serve a bbq/spit roast. If you’re dealing with a smaller, intimate affair, consider serving cuts of meat such as a filet mignon or wagyu steaks. Finally, if it’s a blockbuster party, keeping it simple will be the perfect option.

Set the Mood with Music

Entertainment is very important during the event. If possible, have live entertainment. Away from entertainment, you should set the mood of the party with an amazing playlist. As your guests enjoy that filet mignon, make sure they’re having a great time listening to some jazz music. You may also set the mood by having a mix of everyone’s favorite music before the party starts.

Don’t forget to light up the Night

The fun shouldn’t end when it starts getting dark. That means you’re supposed to have a selection of the right lights to use as soon as the sun goes down. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences and tastes but make sure it compliments your theme. Also provide proper cooling, ventilation, and seating for your guests. It’s important for everyone to feel comfortable throughout your party.

Set up some Games in the Backyard

Backyard games have their own role when it comes to having a great party. If your yard space is large enough, hire inflatables to bring more fun to your event. Games to play may include badminton, table tennis, volleyball, and more. These games will help your guests to bond as they have fun.

Lastly, create conversation pits

You don’t want to have a summer party that won’t allow your guests to mingle and get to know each other. We’re social beings, and it’s important for your guests to chat up and converse with each other. Who knows, someone might meet the right person they’ve been looking for in business or any other life activity. Note that you’re the one to create conversation zones by setting the stage.